First Text
We help ambitious young technical founders by introducing your first mentors and investing pre-seed capital.
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About Us
First Text is a series of programs to help ambitious young technical founders.

The first program we launched is Office Hours to propel you into the best network of founders, operators, and investors.

We help and partner with founders from day zero and are your text dispatch open 24 hours a day. Text us at 650-646-5389.
we work with students, dropouts, and recent grads from

Cory Levy

● Angel investor in 20+ startups + mentor at
● Co-Founder of After School, a teen social network with ~20m users. Acquihired byAncestry● Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology and Dorm Room Founders
● Board of Directors of the international non-profit
● In high school, interned at Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, and TechStars
● Studied CS at UIUC

Program Mentors

Marc Randolph

Co-Founder of Netflix

Sean Rad

Co-Founder of Tinder

Steve Huffman

Co-Founder of Reddit

Jawed Karim

Co-Founder of Youtube

Ashton Kutcher

Sound Ventures

Keith Rabois

Founders Fund

Kevin Hartz

Co-Founder of Eventbrite

Naval Ravikant

Founder of AngelList

Max Hodak

Co-Founder of Neuralink

Beth Turner

SV Angel

Daniel Gross

Founder of Pioneer

Lucy Guo

Co-Founder of